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Cecil and Brick are the self proclaimed "greatest criminals of our time". After stealing a very expensive diamond necklace from a jewelry store, they throw it into the zoo (to get rid of the evidence) when they were being chased by the police. They come to the zoo the next morning and try to find the necklace. After thinking that the penguins have the necklace they were thrown out of the zoo by Alice when she saw them breaking the rules. They came back at night when nobody would be around and the penguins lead them into the sewers. After a long chase, they find themselves in the same jewelry store. The penguins give them the necklace and break a glass so as to sound the alarm. Then the penguins lock them in so they can't get away and the police arrest them.

They appear again in Operation: Antarctica, apparently having escaped from prison. They are now pirate fishing in Antarctic waters. The penguins take them down and get them arrested, but not before they accidentally bringing Hunter to New York City.

They have a breif cameo again in Antics on Ice when Skipper and Kowalski look for "crimes" and they escaped prison again.

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