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Episode based

  • Kowalski has a naive question file for whenever Private asks a naive question. (The file happens to be very full)
  • Randy has OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), his obsession is fearing stickiness.
  • Private is revealed to be a hypnotist by hobby.
  • The Replacement/Elimination drawing with a robot penguin and a normal penguin crossed out from All Choked Up is shown.
  • The farm looks similar to the farm in the series "Back at the Barnyard".
  • Maurice does not appear in this episode
  • In the German dub, at the end, Rico sings the words, "Chuck Norris!" while striking a pose.

Foul Ups, Bloops, and Blunders

Behind the Scenes

  • This is not the first time Will Friedle (Randy) and John DiMaggio (Rico) have both worked together. They've played Ron Stoppable and Dr. Drakken in Disney's Kim Possible on Disney Channel, as well as Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes and Aquaman in Batman: The Brave and the Bold respectively.

DVD Releases

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