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Episode Based

  • This episode marks Bada and Bing's biggest role yet.
  • Bada and Bing are dead serious about sharing things. So much as breathing in their habitat causes them strangle them (in this case King Julien).
  • So far every Zoo animal said no to Julien's plan but Julien listened to Mort (who is okay with any plan that could hurt/kill the king because of his case of the "Stupids"
  • This time Bada and Bing have a good reason on why they're rampaging.
  • When Bing swung Burt out of the zoo he crashes and says "Somebody's Car"
  • Antagonist: King Julien (he ate the plantains), Bada and Bing (but they have a good reason), Marlene (thanks to Julien)

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