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Marlene: Don't do it.
Kowalski: Bad idea.
Roy: Horrible idea.
Rico: Nuh-uh.
Burt: No way.
Private: Are you loopy?
Phil shakes his head.
Skipper: Even you can't be that stupid!
Joey: Those gorillas will rip you apart!
Pinky: Don't even think about it, baby!
Mort: That is... the most goodest idea ever!
Julien: Yes! Mort, you are so wise...

Marlene: Bada and Bing are gonna be crazy mad when they see this! They will rip us into confetti! What are we gonna do?!?

Bada: Yo, we got us a situation.

Burt: [after Bing hurls him out of the zoo and onto a car] SOME GUY'S CAR!

Bada: Yo. I don't think youse twos are appreciatin' the gravity of the situation in which you currently find yourselves.
Bing: Yeah, gravity and whatnot.

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