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Scene I: The Elephant Habitat

Burt: (Singing) Yum,Yum....Yum Yum Yum, Peanuts are so Yum Yum!!..I keep them in my Tum Tum!! Tara ra rum...

A bomb is thrown near Burt, Burt is startled and it explodes creating smoke and when the smoke clears Burt is hanging upside down from the tree in his habitat with his trunk coiled up and the Penguins are standing on him. Kowalski is holding a device which looks very much like a tiffin box

Burt: (In a painful tone)That doesn't bend that wa-a-ay!

Skipper: Good work boys! We have captured the (slight pause) ELEPHANT!!

Burt: (Looking at the penguins in anger) If you guys want some peanuts - just ask!!

The Penguins jump off Burt, landing in front of him

Rico: Oopsie!!

Kowalski:(Looking at his device) False Alarm! Seems to be a calibration error.

The device's screen has Burt's image with Enemy written in Red and a computer voice in the background saying "Alert! Enemy Detected, Alert!"

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