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Bella is a world-famous art critic, called in to decide whether Burt's paintings are worthy enough to make it into the Art Museum of New York. In front of the three paintings, she shuns two of them off and is probably about to do so with the third but Kowalski's blueprints fly onto the canvas and Bella, ecstatic, orders the painting (blueprints) to be sent off to the museum immediately. Anyway, the penguins successfully change a "plus" sign on the blueprints to a Lunacorn to avoid that an evil genius who could see the plans at the museum would use them to build a device which could probably destroy the world. The morning of the unveiling of the painting Bella sees the Lunacorn and declaring it "Amateurish fraud!" she rips off the bottom half with the Lunacorn on it and slams it against the cameraman's camera lens recording the unveiling in a frenzy. Back at HQ Kowalski is sad because "Art critics can be so cruel!" She speaks with what seems like a French accent. She is alice best friend

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