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  • "It's Hoboken all over again..."
  • "It's time we got in touch"

  • King Julien: Excuse me, little froggy. I believe you are a little confussed. I am the one who is telling the other animals what to do.
  • Barry: Oh?
  • King Julien: Yes. That is because I am king. However, you can apply for an internship.
  • Maurice: We are currently accepting applications for the spring semester. [Hands Barry a form]
  • King Julien: But until you are properly internalized, you must cease the bossing around.
  • Barry: Oh, really? Cease this!
  • Barry: [Private appears wearing a metal suit] It's time you and I got... in touch. Take this!
  • Barry: And this!
  • Barry: Huh? I can't...
  • Private: You can't touch me, but I can touch you.
  • Barry: No! Get away from me!

  • Private: Now I'm going to do something no one has ever done to you before.
  • Barry: No!
  • Private: Give you a big hug!
  • Barry: Uh... what?
  • Private: I'd be a grumpy gus too if no one ever hugged me.
  • Barry: Hum. This hugging is nice. Maybe a hug is all I really needed... or maybe I'm just a big jerk who likes to bully other animals.
  • Private: Oh, well in that case, I can just pop you like a grape.
  • Barry: No, no! Hugging's fine! Actually, I'm liking the hug.

  • Skipper: [Recuperating from the poison] Sound off, Kowalski.
  • Kowalski: I can taste sound. But that's over now.
  • Skipper: Rico? [Rico moans]
  • Barry: [Playing checkers with Private, who's still wearing the metal suit] King me!
  • Skipper: Is everyone else seeing a poisonous frog playing checkers with a robot penguin?
  • Rico: Uh-huh!
  • Skipper: Right. Back on the rack, men.

General   Trivia   Behind Scenes   Quotes   Photos   Other    



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