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Julien: Be giving it up, flightless bird. I already have three batteries.
Skipper: But your noisemaker needs all four, and the only way you're getting this one is if you pry it from my cold, dead flippers.
Julien: Ugh! Sounds gross... but doable!

Julien: Not in the face! Please spare my moneymaker!

Julien: Skipper, if only one of us makes it out of here, then let it be... Joey.
Skipper: What? Joey?
Julien: Oh yeah. Without the beatings, this place wouldn't be half bad.

Maurice: Oh, my feet are killing me.
Julien: Not as much as I will if you stop dancing.
Maurice: But your majesty, we just can't boogie-oogie-oogie like you.
Mort: I wanna go to bed!
Julien: No! Last week the baboons shook their shiny red buttocks eighteen hours straight. I will not be out-partied.

Joey: Come down here, you bludgers, before I chuck a wobbly.
Julien: Have you never heard such a mangling of the language with which we are speaking?

Julien: (escapes Joey's pen) Phew! Everyone who's importent to me made it, Happy ending! (begins to walk back to his habitat but stops dead in his tracks) But what, is this feeling I am feeling? It is not happyness. (sees Skipper being beaten up by Joey)
Skipper: (in Joey's pen) Ow! That the best you got?! (gets kicked by Joey)
Julien: It is a feeling I have not done all I should have done, I do not like it! (slapping his chest) How do I make it go away?

Julien: Okay, crazyish idea. You help me get out of this place.
Skipper: Team up, with you?
Julien: I was thinking more like you do all the work, and I will watch with anticipation.

Julien: Come back here, you music hater!
Skipper: I don't hate music! I hate noise!

Maurice: Mort, what are you doing?
Mort: I'm dancing!
Maurice: Give it a rest! Julien has no way of knowing if we're dancing or not.
Mort: Oh, you're right.
(the batteries Julien tossed fall on them; they start dancing again)
Maurice: He knows! He knows!
Mort: I like dancing to exhaustion!

Skipper: What's the matter, wallaby? Can't kick a moving target?
Joey: Wallaby? I'm a kangaroo, mate!

Julien: You must take the music inside of you, swish it around and spit it out through your tail. Try it with me. Take in the music...
(Music stops)
Julien: Hey, not all the music, you greedies!
Maurice: It wasn't us.
Julien: Then what else could make our boomy box stop booming?

Skipper: We made it! Up high!
(Offers a high-five)
Julien: Yes, it is.
Skipper: Down low?
(Julien just looks at him)
Skipper: Too slow?
Julien: You. You are too slow.
Skipper: Never mind.

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