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Episode based

  • This is the first appearance of Dale the snail.
  • About a whole year goes by because Kowalski never gives up testing his experiment.
  • Skipper actually stopped recording in spring or summer, so the only footage he got out of it was through late summer, fall and partially winter.
  • Some running gags...
    • Private keeps on crushing Dale's shell.
    • Kowalski gets beaten up by his own machine, even if he's at the helm.
    • Dale is better at controlling the next-o-skeleton then Kowalski is.
  • Some of the powers the next-o-skeleton has:
    • super strength
    • flight
    • missiles
    • unknown power (the machine blew up before it happened)
    • self awareness (not until next week)
    • feet missiles
    • machine gun with lasers
  • Skipper's reference to the three musketeers is partially true
    • Private can be like a Charles de Batz-Castelmore d'Artagnan. D'Artagnan was trying to be a musketeer, so he became an apprentice of the three musketeers.[1]
  • Dale claimed that he'd been "racing" to the zoo to teach Private a lesson ever since the previous spring, It's possible Dale took a whole year to cover that distance due to his speed and size to move that much in time as shown when Dale slithers toward Private, using his eye-stalks as fists.

Foul Ups, Bloops, and Blunders

Behind the Scenes

DVD Releases

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