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Following the fourth failure of Kowalski's "Nextoskeleton" invention in many months, Private spots something more horrific than Kowalski's crash: an unflattering doodle of himself on a nearby wall. Private then asks the snail that drew it why he had done so, and learns that the snail, Dale, hates him for having stepped on him the previous spring in the park. Private has no memory of the incident, but wishes to make things right; his efforts result in accidentally crushing Dale twice more. Later, Dale gains access to Kowalski's Nextoskeleton and wishes to exact poetic justice: to step on Private the same way he had been stepped on with the suit. But when Private points out that the suit belonged to Kowalski, Dale realizes he was in error and holds Private blameless, then uses the Nextoskeleton to pursue Kowalski instead.


Airings on channels other than Nickelodeon USA

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