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Episode based

  • The jack-in-the-box on the title slide resembles King Julien from the movies.
  • King Julien slams on his bounce house, not noticing it's deflated. The first time being "Jungle Law"
  • Marlene and Alice are absent in this episode
  • Mason and Phil appear laughing at King Julien with Skipper, Private, Kowalski, Rico, Burt, Roger and Roy.
  • The same powder bottle from It's About Time appears in this episode.
  • When Julien says "Silly penguin, It's always April 1st somewhere." This migh be a referance to Alan Jackson's and Jimmy Buffett's song "It's 5 O'Clock somewhere."
  • Running Gag: King Julien keeps pulling pranks on the animals.
  • Antagonist(s): King Julien

Foul Ups, Bloops, and Blunders

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