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Episode based

  • One of the scenes during the montage of Private's afternoon missions is a reference to the James Bond Goldfinger laser-cutting scene.
  • Roy and Bing are fans of the Lunacorns.
  • Either Kitka or the unnamed Falcon is seen snatching Fred when the penguins are spying.
  • The penguins use the Speak and Spell to talk to the director.
  • Apparently, the other three penguins seemed dumber than usual when they were trying to think of a reward Private as they got rid of everything about Lunacorns on Ice, because they either didn't know that Private loved it or they just didn't want to be bored out of their heads & were ignoring it.
  • The order things happened when the Penguins ignored the Lunacorns on Ice occurred in this sequence:
    • The TV showed a commercial about it, while Skipper ordered Rico to turn it off because they were trying to figure out something for Private
    • Kowalski got an email on his smartphone about the show & deleted the ad because he called it spam mail
    • Skipper drank a carton with the ad on the side & Rico pointed, but wasn't pointing at the carton, but at the plaque behind Skipper
    • Private saw the carton, believing that was his gift before Rico could unveil the fish they were going to give him
  • Kowalski's smartphone from Thumb Drive appears again
  • The director at the show is the exact same person who was the actor that was King Henry V in Operation: Break-Speare
  • Running gag: Skipper makes remarks that nothing ever escapes their sights & they go after serious crimes while him & Kowalski ignore crimes happening behind them
  • Running gag: The Penguins keep ignoring the signs about the Lunacorns on Ice
  • Running gag: Roy and Bing keep causing antics that are disrupting the whole show
  • Antagonists: The Director/Security guard until Skipper and Rico stop them, Skipper's fear of Private becoming a hippie

Foul Ups, Bloops, and Blunders

  • Private is in bandages up and has a black eye and and numerous scars until he leaps off the bed to the milk carton - the bandages are seen flying across the HQ, but the scars and black eye suddenly disappear.

Behind the Scenes

DVD Releases

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