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Skipper: Ah, nothing like an old-fashioned Sunday drive, eh Private? (suddenly) Blowdarts! Hard left!
Private: AAAHHHH!!
(Private dodges. Blowdarts miss the car and hit the wall)
Rico: Aw...
(they enter an obstacle course of ninja skittles, bowling balls and explosives. Private screams and dodges)
Skipper: Excellent reaction time, Private! You're really getting the hang of this combat-driving course! Mind the chainsaw...
Private: AAAHHHH!!
(A chainsaw comes at the car. Private dodges)
Kowalski: (in drag, with a high-pitched voice) My baby!
Private: AAAHHHH!!
Kowalski: Someone please save my baby! (tosses the 'baby' to Private)
Private: Wha...
Skipper: Be fast private. That ain't no baby...
Private: (looks down, sees a counting down bomb) AAAHHHH!! (tosses it aside, and it explodes)
Kowalski: Oh, baby!

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