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All Tied Up With a Boa Title

Scene I: The Penguin HQ

Shown in the television screen, Chuck Charles reports the breaking news about Savio, the Boa Constrictor.

Chuck Charles: It's the breakout that lead to a stakeout because there's a snake out! Savio, the Hoboken Zoo's vicious boa constrictor has escaped.

Skipper, holding his cup of joe, and Kowalski are watching the television as they heard about the news which made Skipper suspect something.

Skipper: Hey, why do I feel I know that reptile?

Private also overhears about the breakout making him feel dreadful.

Private: (scared) AH! Snake belly so dark! Don't put me in the monkey suit!

Private begins to feel scared and Rico hits him like an inflatable toy which Rico finds amusing.

Rico: Ooh! (laughing) Ah! (hits Private)

Rico begins to derive amusement by hitting Private with his flipper repeatedly.

Kowalski: Savio, the fiendish serpent who temporarily ate Private, the lemurs and Marlene.

Skipper: Right! I hated that guy.

Shown in the television screen is Chuck Charles continuing the broadcast.

Chuck Charles: We go live to Bonnie Chang on the scene. Trash fires, riots in the streets. This snake escape really has everyone on edge, eh Bonnie?

Bonnie Chang broadcasts the scene live in Hoboken, chaos is portrayed since the Savio escaped.

Bonnie Chang: (giggles) No Chuck, that's just Hoboken.

A passerby walks in the shot making Bonnie attack unusually.

Bonnie: (takes out a wrench) Back off palio, I'm packin' a pipe wrench!

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