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Maurice: W-w-w-wait wait whoa whoa whoa. You think Savio's coming after us?
Marlene: That's crazy! Most of us were his victims!
Skipper: (annoyed) Don't try and make sense of revenge, Marlene! It cheapens it!

Skipper: And as usual, ignore everything the ringtail says-- did I hear some gung-ho in that gobbledy-guh?

Skipper: What do you say, soldier?
Julien: I say... 'Ey Savio? Who's gonna save you? From that!
Skipper: Ooh, taunting approved! I don't know where this 180 of courage came from, Ringtail, but I'm diggin' it.

Julien: Remember, when you put your hand into a bunch of goo that used to be your best friend's face, but then you realize, hehe, that's just an ice cream sandwich shaped like a clown! You will know what to do!

Mort: I liked old Julien!
Maurice: The one that'd kick you to the snake just to give him some time to run?
Mort: Any foot-touching is good foot-touching!

Kowalski: Electric fence still operational-- (Savio drops Private and Maurice onto the fence, shocking them, and destroying the fence) He's in the walls, he's in the walls!

Skipper: Fall back! Gassy lassie, you're up!
Marlene: Okay, I did not agree to that code name!

Julien: Remember, this Savio is nothing! He is (Savio rises from out of the pool)--
Savio: Hello.
Julien: Snake! Savio is the snake?! I thought it was that guy! (points to Fred) You know, big teeth, long booty.
Fred: I'm my own kind of beautiful.
Julien: Oh, shut up with the fancy continental accent! You aren't impressing anybody!

Savio: I like to take the time to chew... on my ideas. But we're still one lemur short of a full revenge set. So, until I return. Ciao... (leaves and pops back in) That was also referencing the fact that I'm going to eat you.
Skipper: (annoyed) We got it!
Savio: Fantastic.

Maurice: At least he's going out the way he lived: stupid.

Julien: This was a team victory! There was me, the butter, me wearing the butter, probably the elephant at some point...
Skipper: The elephant!

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