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One Sentence Summary

The Penguins, Lemurs, and Marlene prepare defenses when a old foe escapes from the Hoboken Zoo seeking revenge. However, their old foe is more powerful than before.


After learning of Savio's escape from Hoboken on a TV news report, the penguins organize an effort to protect the zoo from the vengeful boa after he got Burt out of the way. Skipper is pleasantly surprised when Julien begins talking tough about fighting Savio, and partners with him as the group prepares the zoo for battle. They split into teams to set up a complex defense system. Once Savio arrives, however, he gets past the animals' defenses and it is revealed that Julien had confused Savio with Fred. Julien abandons the group which leads to an easy way to get through. Savio soon cages the group, except for Julien who runs off, and plans to consume them one by one so that the others will have to watch their friends be eaten, but leaves to search for Julien before he would eat any of them. Savio is defeated, however, when Julien accidentally spills some butter flavoring, allowing him to slip from Savio's clutches, rendering the snake too slippery to move as he wishes, and allowing the others to slip through the cage's bars. Later, Savio is brought back to Hoboken, coated in butter, and the animals forgot about Burt as he readies himself to pound the serpent.


Sandwich Riding Cowpoke -- Julien

Airings on channels other than Nickelodeon USA

  • This episode was aired in Catalonia, Spain on May 23, 2011

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