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  • Hot Ice -- "This zoo has three rules: Don't feed the animals, don't touch the animals... And don't ask me stupid questions!"
  • Go Fish -- "Uh! Animals." -- (this line is an accidental joke, because she was referring to tourists, not the animals she works with.)
  • Tangled in the Web -- "I still think this internet thing is STUPID! I mean, who would want to watch animals on the computer?" -- (ps. she has no idea!)
  • "Whatever, weirdo." (said in several ways in several episodes)
  • Operation: Plush and Cover -- "No wonder they're sending these back... Pee-yew!" (about the Mort dolls being sent back to the toy factory)
  • Can't Touch This -- "I am legally authorized to say 'I'm sorry' okay?" (to "innocent" child after Randy bit him)

General   Trivia   Behind Scenes   Quotes   Photos   Other    



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