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  • Alex's show back at the zoo
  • Young Alex (Concept Art)
  • we're invisible
  • this is awkward
  • hanging around
  • really?
  • Someone is spying on Alex & Gia.
  • Alex flirting with Gia
  • Like father, Like son
  • Alex and Gia on a date in London (Concept Art)
  • Alex and Gia on a date in Moscow (Concept Art)
  • Alex is about eight feet tall
  • Alex really looked up to his dad when he was little, and still does today
  • Alex wasn't an easy cub
  • Alex and Zuba comparing their identical birthmarks
  • Alex Marty and Melman watch a disturbing nature documentary about lions
  • Alex helps Stefano onto the train as they depart Rome
  • Alex animatronic in "Madagascar: A Crate Adventure" ride in Universal Studios: Singapore
  • Alex and Marty explore the Colosseum in Rome
  • Alex and Marty arguing
  • Alex and Gia practicing "Trapeze Americano"
  • Alex attempting "Trapeze Americano"
  • Florrie hugs Zuba and Alex after they bring the water back to the reserve
  • Melman catching Alex sucking his thumb
  • Alex isn't so sure about Marty's driving skills
  • Early design for young Alex (Concept Art)
  • Early designs for young Alex (Concept Art)
  • Alex, as he appears in The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole
  • Alex and Marty's reaction to Gloria's laugh
  • Alex's reunion with his parents (Concept Art)
  • Alex's reunion with his parents (Concept art)
  • Alex's reunion with his parents (Concept Art)
  • Alex finally arrives back in New York City (Concept Art)
  • Concept Art
  • Concept Art
  • Alex and Gia share a moment while practicing their act
  • Alex and Gia's new act
  • Alex confronts Vitaly when he tries to leave the circus
  • Alex's makeup for the new show
  • Alex and Gia's new act
  • Alex and Julien in Madly Madagascar - the Valentines Day special
  • Alex is attacked by an older version of himself in a dream sequence, which is shouting: "WAKE UP! WAKE UP!!!!!"
  • Alex in Madly Madagascar, the valentine's day special
  • Alex's reaction to Gia's beauty
  • Ben Stiller posing with Alex
  • Ben Stiller with Alex in Circus
  • Alex's cameo in Penguins of Madagascar

General   Trivia   Behind Scenes   Quotes   Photos   Other    



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