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  • According to Rico, there was another penguin that met their demise besides Manfredi and Johnson.
  • Private's least favorite week of the year is Team Building Week.
  • Some of the exercises involve "The Sack Of Broken Glass Races", forming a penguin chain (while Burt stands on top of them), passing a bowling ball, and pulling a large rock using a rope and a tree branch.
  • Kowalski almost got captured by Officer X in the end of the episode. But since "comparatively few penguins get left behind" the others got him away from X with a bowling ball.
  • Antagonist: Fishmonger X
  • A penguin motto is "Comparatively few penguins get left behind".
  • The above being said besides Manfredi and Johnson there was another unknown penguin that the others left behind.
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