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Operation Code Names

  • Special Delivery: To mail themselves up to floor 13.

Rico Regurgitates

  • Dynamite Stick and Match -- Rico wanted to blow something up but Skipper held him back (it is seen three times without being regugitated but wasn't used until they blew down Nana's door).
  • Peppermints -- To use as an automatic weapon against Nana's pet dog Mr. Chew.

Options (given by Kowalski)

  • Stocking Stuffer: stick the candy cane on Mr. Chew

Kowalski's Inventions

  • N/A

King Julien Saves The Day

  • N/A

Movie References/Parodies

  • Midnight Cowboy (1969) -- Lines are quoted from it.
  • Jurassic Park (1993) -- One of the pictures of Mr. Chew in the end credits had a mimic of the Jurassic Park logo.
  • The Matrix (1999) -- Hand gestures and slo-mo fight between penguins and Mr. Chew.


Please note that songs listed here (and in the movie credits) cannot always be found on CD soundtracks. Please check CD track details for confirmation.

  • "Jingle Bells" -- Written by Brian Setzer, Performed by The Brian Setzer Orchestra, Courtesy of Surfdog Records.
  • "Jingle Bells" -- Performed by Brave Combo, By Arrangement with Ocean Park Music Group.
  • "Jingle, Jingle, Jingle" -- Written by Johnny Marks, Performed by James Michael Dooley.

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